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Reith Lectures & Hinterland

Y Gwyll/Hinterland episode 3 last night followed by catch up final Grayson Perry Leith lecture: 'art is spirituality in drag'. Apparently the Telegraph critic was sniffy about GP, complaining about the dressing up (the pictures on radio must be even better again in Telegraphland). I think the artist's emotional honesty is astounding, and his delivery was warm, funny and engaging. He broke down when he referred to the refuge making art was for him, his 'place in France' which he knew wasn't real but without which he couldn't survive emotionally. The audience was in tears (listeners had Sue Lawley's word for it), and so was I.

Y Gwyll-Hinterland - New Aber venues focusing around the prom (further south than their pretend police station at the old Magistrate's Court) and north of Consti. The crew seem to have commandeered someone's bedroom in Dan-y-Coed, Penglais (or maybe Bryn Road) to get those lovely views straight down onto the town and bay. What with the Magistrate's, and using the old town library for their fictional 'Guild', at least something good has come of Aber's office-workers having been uprooted from town and plonked in the outskirts.

Content-wise, Y Gwyll/Hinterland gets better every time, and is confident enough to take its time across the series, knowing its audience is staying. Mared gets more complicated (daughter problems showing up in her resentment of young colleague DS Sian Lloyd). Mathias takes a second wet dip to retrieve human evidence. The hermit-like victim turns out to be getting more bedroom action than Mathias is in his manky caravan. He's getting his letters to his wife returned unread and delivered by the farmer on his quad bike. Self-imposed exile seems to be the series' big theme. There's plot stuff to do with property and inheritance.

Looking forward to the totally fictional episode about the property dealer, the burnt-out listed chapel and the insurance.


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