MULTI-MEDIA Gareth Alban Davies, Gwen Davies, Heledd Evans, John Tudor & Dean Mather Dean James

NWR Issue r30

Tan Tro Nesaf: Prose Showcase of Seventies Patagonia with Subtitles

This translation by his daughter is made in memory of Gwen Davies' father, the author Gareth Alban Davies. During the Argentinian summer of 1971–2, the Welsh Hispanist, Gareth Alban Davies, made an expedition to Y Wladfa, Patagonia. He recorded his impressions of a bus ride towards the Andes, from Trelew to Esquel, in part a homage to the journey of Edwin Cynrig Roberts who made possible the extension of the eastern Welsh-language colony. Roberts made the passage, known as Hirdaith Edwyn (already known to indigenous peoples as Travesía Kela), from the Lower Chubut Valley to the pathway leading west toward the Andes. We join Gareth Alban Davies on the Trelew–Dôl y Plu (Las Plumas) leg of his trip.

The Welsh text is an extract from Gareth Alban Davies’ journal, Tan Tro Nesaf, published by Gomer in 1976. The English translation appears here for the first time. Welsh text: Gareth Alban Davies. English text/subtitles: Gwen Davies. Voiced by Heledd Evans, audio edit and recording: John Tudor, Illustration: Dean Mather Dean James.

**CORRECTION: The pronunciation at 1:26 should sound like 'Dôl y Plu' (Doorl-y-Plee) not Doorl-y-Plus, this happened due to a typo and lack of time to prepare a new sound file. YMDDIHEURIADAU: at 1:26 dilid clywed Dôl y Plu' nid Dôl y Plus'; digwyddodd hwn oherwydd camgymeriad teipio a diffyg amser i gywiro ffeil sain. New Welsh Review's multimedia programme is sponsored by Aberystwyth University / Noddir rhaglen amlgyfryngol New Welsh Review gan Brifysgol Aberystwyth.


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