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The majority of articles in New Welsh Review are specially commissioned by the editor, but if you have a proposal please email a brief synopsis (300 words maximum) in the first instance to the editor. Please include a brief biography. We pay in the region of £170 per article upon publication. You are welcome to communicate with the editor in either Welsh or English but submissions should be in English unless they are part of a translation project. Mae croeso ichi ohebu â’r golygydd yn Gymraeg

Creative submissions: Please leave a gap of at least 3 months between submissions, and group those submissions together.

Short stories and poems


Due to the volume of submissions, we are not currently accepting short stories.

Previous Example, Poetry showcase, Goddesses & Anti-heroines
Rates as per print, see below
There is no separate schedule for considering poems for our multimedia showcases. Themes emerge during the selection process so there is no need to 'write to theme'. Poetry is currently selected for our 3 print editions around the start of March, June and September.

Submission of short stories and poems may be made by post or email.

Postal submissions (short stories and poems) should be sent to the editor accompanied by a covering letter and a stamped addressed envelope or international money order for return. Material will not be returned unless it is accompanied by sufficient postage. If acknowledgement of safe receipt is required, we would also ask you to include a stamped addressed postcard with your submission.

Email submissions of not more than six poems or one short story in any three-month period should be sent to . Please title your email ‘Submissions’, include the word 'Fiction' or 'Poetry' plus your name and attach your work as a separate word document containing the whole submission of poems or story; please ensure that each page is numbered and marked with your name and email address. We ask that you also include a covering letter. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in our failure to notify you about the result of your submission. Please inform us if you have a submitted poem that is accepted elsewhere in the case of parallel submissions.

Short stories must be typed, single-sided and double-spaced, in the region of 2,500 to 3,000 words, although we do on occasion publish shorter stories, micro fiction and audio stories of any length.

Poetry submissions should consist of not more than six previously unpublished poems. Poems must be typed and single-sided.

We pay in the region of £100 for a short story and £28 for each poem, upon publication.

We aim to let you know within three months if your submission has been selected. Please be patient as we receive many submissions each week. Publication should generally be swift following submission, although the editor reserves the right to publish work on a timetable which reflects the magazine's demands. Following the receipt of a contract letter, contributors will be informed of the scheduled publication date of their piece as it enters the production cycle, usually around two months before publication date.


If you would like to respond to features or other work published in the magazine, email or send your letter to the editor. We regret that we cannot publish every letter received but we remain committed to reflecting opinion and encouraging constructive debate, and we welcome your feedback.

Online Contributions

We warmly welcome submissions and ideas for online content. At present this is mainly in the form of short reviews (600-800 words), opinion pieces (450 words) and author interviews based on the editor's recommendation (8-15 questions). Please contact the editor for ideas for new titles to review or offer your own titles or opinion piece ideas. Although we are unfortunately not able to pay for online content, it offers the opportunity for eventual publication within the magazine. Publication should generally be swift following submission, although the editor reserves the right to post reviews according to the site's and the magazine's demands.

Submissions of Books for Review

The general editor, Gwen Davies, selects books for review. Books may be in English (original language or in translation) or Welsh, although NWR does mainly review English-language titles. There are generally 12 reviews per issue, covering all categories with an emphasis on literature. The editor will not knowingly arrange to review self-published titles nor those that are not available in print in the UK. Submissions by publishers carry greater weight than those by authors. It is not recommended that publishers and authors make suggestions of reviewers' names. E-books are considered if supplied to the editor by the publisher in pdf format. Advance proofs, whether in pdf format or as bound proofs, are warmly welcomed, although it is the responsibility of the publisher to notify NWR of subsequent changes in their publication schedule. Decisions regarding reviews are made on a rolling basis but are made final, in respect of a new edition, some 18 weeks prior to publication date.


A brief note on copyright:all authors have given permission for their work to appear online on New Welsh Review's website. Copyright remains with the author. If you wish to reproduce part or all of any article then the permission of the author must be sought, and the author and New Welsh Review credited accordingly.

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