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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Second in a series of very funny and extremely dirty twists on classical myths, first performed at Heartspoken, Cardiff; a follow up to Joâo Morais’ ‘Oedipux Rex’. Presented at Heartspoken, a love-related literary night at the Kuku Club, Cardiff this autumn


Two December Events for Your Diary

New Welsh Review launches the December issue in Cardiff on Wednesday 3 December and holds a multimedia event in Aberystwyth on Thursday 4 December.

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 (c) Sue Flood
(c) Sue Flood


Honey Poo Poo and the Sad Songs of the Homesick

Depending on how you came across her, Judith Owen could strike you as several different people. Her range of work throughout her career is like a hall of mirrors, each genre reflecting a slightly differently shaped person. Once you spend any time in the Judith Owen hall of mirrors, you soon realise that the singing-songwriting persona appears to be the most accurate image of her, and the clearest distillation of her talent...



Bob Dylan and the Bells of Rhymney

Allyn Thomas traces how Idris Davies’ poem ‘Bells of Rhymney’ ended up, via Dylan Thomas, Pete Seeger & The Byrds, in Bob Dylan’s Basement Tape series, the last of which was released this month


Port Talbot Tenor Paul Potts Comes Home in Style

Initially sceptical of ‘popera’, Amy McCauley is won over by an album, by Port Talbot tenor Paul Potts, encompassing George Harrison and Guns N’ Roses; it is, she writes, diverse, all-of-a-piece, flexible and devoid of gimmickery


Dance performance Caitlin in Swansea

Liza Penn-Thomas went to see Eddie Ladd as Caitlin Thomas in Swansea last week, a compelling, inspired and consummately delivered performance, she concludes, in which Caitlin’s husband Dylan is mercifully rendered mute in an AA meeting room

NEW Multimedia Content

Ben Richmond talks to Heini Gruffudd about his most recent book, a family memoir, A Haven for Hitler. Exclusively for subscribers, Ben's interview for New Welsh Review with Wiliam Owen Roberts is available log in here to access. He also speaks to Diarmait Mac Giolla Chriost, the author of Welsh Writing, Political Action & Incarceration, about Welsh-language prison literature. Plus: check out our late summer podcast plus editor Gwen Davies presents the highlights from the autumn issue highlights here.


In Reality: Selected Poems

Caroline Stockford admires haunting and magical poetry, by a native Italian resident in Luxembourg and writing in French, but admits it's a difficult translation project more...



Fathers and Sons

The Shorter Oxford Dictionary doesn't list political identity but tells us that personal identity is "the continuity of the personality" - a definition which it seems reasonable to extend from the individual to the racial or national psychology. From Yeats to Tom Paulin, Irish poets have been centrally concerned with opening and maintaining channels of communication with the past.

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