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Coastwalkers & Curious Travellers

I’ve just read Peter Finch’s Edging the Estuary (2013), not in one go, but, much like the author, in stops and starts, picking up the trail where I’d left off. It follows the Severn Estuary, more or less, from Chepstow to Worms Head, but also takes in parts of the opposite coast down to Lynmouth, with a foray to the islands out in the ‘grey brown water’. Like much travel writing it’s informative and irritating by turns...



Mary Lloyd Jones in Aberystwyth

Claire Pickard reviews the artist’s eightieth birthday celebration of a double exhibition and book launch


A Poet’s Year

Jonathan Edwards on a year promoting his Costa award-nominated debut poetry collection, My Family & Other Superheroes


Editor Responds to Magazines Funding Row

Editor Gwen Davies argues that a time of funding cuts calls for greater solidarity among publishers and more commitment from readers

NEW Multimedia Content

Ollie Bevington talks to Deryn Rees-Jones about Helen, the wife and biographer of poet Edward Thomas who is the muse for her latest collection, And You, Helen. Exclusively for subscribers, Ollie's interview for New Welsh Review with editor Penny Thomas is available here (log in here to access). He also speaks to Kate Hamer, the debut author of The Girl in the Red Coat (Faber), about a young girl’s disappearance. Plus: check out our winter podcast and audio review. Meanwhile, editor Gwen Davies presents the highlights from the winter issue here.


Red Love: The Story of an East German Family

Maxim Leo’s memoir, spanning four generations living in the GDR, is a fascinating, often poignant account of a conflicted family, struggling with issues of ideology, loyalty and identity, writes Craig Thomas more...



Fathers and Sons

The Shorter Oxford Dictionary doesn't list political identity but tells us that personal identity is "the continuity of the personality" - a definition which it seems reasonable to extend from the individual to the racial or national psychology. From Yeats to Tom Paulin, Irish poets have been centrally concerned with opening and maintaining channels of communication with the past.

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