My Falling Down House

My father says I’m an idealist, and that this will be my downfall. I disagree. The house is abandoned and very dilapidated. It’s a place I fell into about a year ago following a heavy night’s drinking with co-workers...


Experts in books publicity and literature policy join New Welsh Review team

Publicist of books for children, Megan Farr, and former Arts Council for North-west of England officer, Bronwen Williams, join New Welsh Review team

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 (c) Jamie Hamley
(c) Jamie Hamley


An Elephant in Aberaeron

There was, apparently, an elephant buried somewhere in Aberaeron. And they were thinking quite seriously about excavating it (or was that exhuming it? I wasn’t sure what duration of time turned the one activity into the other.) Or so Mike Griffiths told me one afternoon in the corridor outside my office. How we had arrived at this topic in our conversation escapes me. I had no particular interest, personal or professional, in either elephants or Aberaeron...



To Kill a Machine

Alice Vernon was particularly impressed by a props-centred set in this production from Scriptography, about the life of Alan Turing, the gay Bletchley Park codebreaker, which contains brief nudity


Mordant, TestBed exhibition, Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown

Prior to the exhibition’s opening at the end of the month, artist Ellen Bell lets us into the secrets of her ‘spying’ residency at Oriel Davies Gallery


Poet Paul Farley in Aberystwyth – 29 April 2015

Amy McCauley meets Liverpudlian author Paul Farley and finds that the feeling of being ‘unhoused’ drives his poetry

NEW Multimedia Content

Video showcase of work by the shortlisted authors Elaine Ewart, Eluned Gramich and Philip Jones for the New Welsh Writing Awards, People, Place & Planet: WWF Cymru Prize for Writing on Nature and the Environment. Plus, a two-minute interpretation of the winning entry Scenes from a Hokkaidan Life by Eluned Gramich. The films are by Sam Christie and Ollie Bevington.


The Republic of Imagination

Amy McCauley lauds a triumph of a book, a unique, holistic narrative encompassing education, identity and democracy, which argues that true American ‘patriotism’ has resulted in a deeply ‘unpatriotic’ canon of literature which is now neglected in universities more...




I asked everyone what I should say in this piece. My mother told me I shouldn’t write about myself at all, but the time, the place, the culture. It sounded like a good plan for avoiding vanity but I can’t pretend it doesn’t rankle. These things, they’re my material: the time, the place, the culture, and my experiences of them, which I couldn’t extricate anyway. So memoir... not a little like masturbation. Here goes another kid. more...

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