(c) National Library of Wales, John Thomas photographic collection
(c) National Library of Wales, John Thomas photographic collection


Fury Never Leaves Us

We are one hundred years on from the publication of Caradoc Evans’ short story collection, My People, a book carrying the status of being the opening chapter in the tradition now known as Welsh Writing in English. It is time to look again, to reassess the controversy the book kindled in Wales, a controversy never resolved. Was it a good book, or an unforgiveable insult to the Welsh people? It definitively represents what subsequent contributors to the tradition saw themselves getting away from.



Clicking Fingers – Knowmadic Ali visits the Bay

Language surrendered to the forces of sound and beauty, writes Nathan Mundy, of last week’s Slam at the Millennium Centre


Abertoir Tenth Anniversary Exhibition

Devi Boulton enjoys the looming shadow of Vincent Price over this celebration of artwork promoting cult cinema and classic scares, from Sexploitation to Blaxploitation and Arrow Video along the way



Sophie Baggott was acutely disappointed by NTW's eight-hour 'Iliad' production which, despite a superb cast and a lot of hype, she found to be safe and marred by the use of technology and set to distance and disrupt

NEW Autumn Multimedia

Audio reviews: Ashley Wakefield reviews Boy Running by Paul Henry, Mary Jacob reviews Hallelujah for 50ft Women edited by the The Raving Beauties and Maddy McGlynn reviews Desire Line by Gee Williams. Plus watch an interview with Alix Nathan about her latest novel, The Flight of Sarah Battle and our Video Showcase: Four Poems of Fire and Water by Jack Freeman, Maggie Harris and Karen Izod.


Alun, Gweno & Freda

A flawed poet but an even more flawed man is John Barnie’s conclusion on reading this fascinating account of the mediation between a poet’s biographer and his wife and former lover more...



Buenos Aires Diary

Richard Gwyn was invited to Buenos Aires in the summer of 2005 to represent Parthian Books at a conference held by the Foundation for Theory and Practice in the Arts to promote contemporary Argentine fiction. An unexpected act of violence on the first evening of his stay irrevocably changed his perception of the city... more...


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